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  • Tunable non-reciprocal waveguide using spoof plasmon polariton coupling to a gaseous magnetoplasmon OPTICS LETTERS Cappelli, M. A., Bernety, H., Sun, D., Houriez, L., Wang, B. 2023; 48 (14): 3725-3728


    We experimentally demonstrate non-reciprocal (one-way) waveguiding in a microstrip transmission line tailored to support the propagation of spoof plasmon polaritons. Time-reversal symmetry is broken by coupling the microstrip fields to a magnetized gaseous plasma discharge column thereby exciting non-reciprocal magnetoplasmons at the interface between the plasma and a surrounding quartz envelope. The magnetic bias introduces asymmetry in the dispersion of the surface plasmon polaritons at the gaseous plasma-dielectric interface, resulting in a breaking of the bidirectionality of the wave propagation in the microstrip. The isolation generated at conditions of modest magnetic bias is measured to be nearly 60 dB, and tunable by varying the plasma density through the voltage applied to the discharge. The advantage of using magnetized gaseous plasmas to produce this unidirectional waveguide structure is that it can be turned on or off at rates limited by the production and recombination of the plasma.

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