Hello, I am Daniela and I am a disease ecologist and parasitologist from Brazil. My research focuses on disease ecology and my main goal is to fill gaps in research that will lead to a better understanding of the patterns and mechanisms that contribute to parasite spread and the possible ways to mitigate pathogen impact. I have already explored a broad range of avian parasites, from ticks down to protozoans, such as Babesia. However, most of my research is focused on malaria and malaria-like (haemosporidian) parasites. During my undergraduate, master's, and PhD, I studied malaria parasites infecting wild, domestic, and rehabilitating avian hosts. Since then, I have dedicated myself to investigating macroecological and evolutionary patterns of parasite-host dynamics. My current research focuses on the effect of global change on vector-borne diseases. Ultimately, my research should help to improve models to predict, prevent, or mitigate disease outbreaks and human burden.

Stanford Advisors