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  • Neuroanatomical, transcriptomic, and molecular correlates of math ability and their prognostic value for predicting learning outcomes. Science advances Liu, J., Supekar, K., El-Said, D., de Los Angeles, C., Zhang, Y., Chang, H., Menon, V. 2024; 10 (22): eadk7220


    Foundational mathematical abilities, acquired in early childhood, are essential for success in our technology-driven society. Yet, the neurobiological mechanisms underlying individual differences in children's mathematical abilities and learning outcomes remain largely unexplored. Leveraging one of the largest multicohort datasets from children at a pivotal stage of knowledge acquisition, we first establish a replicable mathematical ability-related imaging phenotype (MAIP). We then show that brain gene expression profiles enriched for candidate math ability-related genes, neuronal signaling, synaptic transmission, and voltage-gated potassium channel activity contributed to the MAIP. Furthermore, the similarity between MAIP gene expression signatures and brain structure, acquired before intervention, predicted learning outcomes in two independent math tutoring cohorts. These findings advance our knowledge of the interplay between neuroanatomical, transcriptomic, and molecular mechanisms underlying mathematical ability and reveal predictive biomarkers of learning. Our findings have implications for the development of personalized education and interventions.

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  • Machine learning-based identification of a psychotherapy-predictive electroencephalographic signature in PTSD Nature Mental Health Zhang, Y., Naparstek, S., Gordon, J., Watts, M., Shpigel, E., El-Said, D., Badami, F. S., Eisenberg, M. L., Toll, R. T., Gage, A., Goodkind, M. S., Etkin, A., Wu, W. 2023; 1: 284-294
  • Functional Connectivity using high density EEG shows competitive reliability and agreement across test/retest sessions. Journal of neuroscience methods Rolle, C. E., Narayan, M., Wu, W., Toll, R., Johnson, N., Caudle, T., Yan, M., El-Said, D., Waats, M., Eisenberg, M., Etkin, A. 2021: 109424

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  • Identification of psychiatric disorder subtypes from functional connectivity patterns in resting-state electroencephalography. Nature Biomedical Engineering Zhang, Y., Wu, W., Toll, R. T., Naparstek, S., Maron-katz, A., Watts, M., Gorddodn, J., Jeeong, J., Astolfi, L., Shpigel, E., Longwell, P., Sarhadi, k., El-Said, D., Li, Y., Cooper, C., Chin-Fatt, C., Arns, M., Goodkind, M. S., Trivedi, M. H., Marmar, C. R., Etkin, A. 2020
  • Development of VM-REACT: Verbal memory RecAll computerized test JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRIC RESEARCH Naparstek, S., El-Said, D., Eisenberg, M. L., Jordan, J. T., O'Hara, R., Etkin, A. 2019; 114: 170–77