Stanford Advisors

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  • Designing Toxic Content Classification for a Diversity of Perspectives Kumar, D., Kelley, P., Consolvo, S., Mason, J., Bursztein, E., Durumeric, Z., Thomas, K., Bailey, M., USENIX Assoc USENIX ASSOC. 2021: 299-317
  • All Things Considered: An Analysis of IoT Devices on Home Networks Kumar, D., Shen, K., Case, B., Garg, D., Alperovich, G., Kuznetsov, D., Gupta, R., Durumeric, Z., USENIX Assoc USENIX ASSOC. 2019: 1169–85
  • Tracking Certificate Misissuance in the Wild Kumar, D., Wang, Z., Hyder, M., Dickinson, J., Beck, G., Adrian, D., Mason, J., Durumeric, Z., Halderman, J., Bailey, M., IEEE IEEE. 2018: 785–98