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  • Research Engineer, SUNCAT Center for Interface Science and Catalysis

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  • The Role of Single-Cell Profiling and Deep Immunophenotyping in Understanding Immune Therapy Cardiotoxicity JACC: CardioOncology Huang, Y. V., Waliany, S., Lee, D., Galdos, F. X., Witteles, R. M., Neal, J. W., Fan, A. C., Maecker, H. T., Nguyen, P. K., Wu, S. M., Zhu, H. 2022; 4 (5): 629–634
  • New Interpretation of the Performance of Nickel-Based Air Electrodes for Rechargeable Zinc-Air Batteries JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Cano, Z. P., Park, M., Lee, D., Fu, J., Liu, H., Fowler, M., Cheng, Z. 2018; 122 (35): 20153–66