I'm a visiting scholar at Stanford AIMI Center, working in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Medicine.

I love working in AI. My purpose is to significantly contribute to our “discovery” of intelligence. Our best chance to understanding intelligence is by creating AGI. Lets work together as a society to do that in a safely manner that we will not regret.

- Published BRAX, the Brazilian Chest X-ray Dataset -

- Open-sourced the PyTorch implementation of ConVIRT (Y Zhang et al), a contrastive learning method for radiologic images and text (before CLIP) -

- Released Brain Hemorrhage Annotations - Brain Hemorrhage Extended - BHX (

At Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein:
- Started the Health Story project, a medical history timeline to support research and a more personalized clinical practice

- Ran the development of AI algorithms for diseases of national importance: Tuberculosis, COVID, Melanoma and Head CT