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  • The Concentration-Mass relation of massive, dynamically relaxed galaxy clusters: agreement between observations and ?CDM simulations MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Darragh-Ford, E., Mantz, A. B., Rasia, E., Allen, S. W., Morris, R., Foster, J., Schmidt, R. W., Wenrich, G. 2023; 521 (1): 790-799
  • Symphony: Cosmological Zoom-in Simulation Suites over Four Decades of Host Halo Mass ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Nadler, E. O., Mansfield, P., Wang, Y., Du, X., Adhikari, S., Banerjee, A., Benson, A., Darragh-Ford, E., Mao, Y., Wagner-Carena, S., Wechsler, R. H., Wu, H. 2023; 945 (2)
  • In Their Own Words: Sexual Assault Resistance Strategies Among Kenyan Adolescent Girls Following Participation in an Empowerment Self-Defense Program. Violence against women Edwards, K. M., Omondi, B., Wambui, R. A., Darragh-Ford, E., Apollo, R., Devisheim, H. H., Langat, N., Kaede, B., Ntinyari, W., Keller, J. 2023: 10778012231153360


    The purpose of this study was to examine, via testimonial data, resistance strategies used to thwart a sexual assault among slum-dwelling Kenyan adolescent girls (N=678) following their participation in an empowerment self-defense program (IMpower). A subset of girls from the larger trials participated. The majority (58.2%) of perpetrators were strangers; there were no differences in resistance strategies used between strangers versus known perpetrators (83.8% used verbal strategies, 33.2% used resistance strategies, 16.7% ran away, and 7.9% used distraction). Associations between resistance strategies and perpetrator tactics, number of assailants, location of the assault, and the presence of a bystander were also examined.

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  • From Images to Dark Matter: End-to-end Inference of Substructure from Hundreds of Strong Gravitational Lenses ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Wagner-Carena, S., Aalbers, J., Birrer, S., Nadler, E. O., Darragh-Ford, E., Marshall, P. J., Wechsler, R. H. 2023; 942 (2)
  • Multiple phase spirals suggest multiple origins in Gaia DR3 MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Hunt, J. S., Price-Whelan, A. M., Johnston, K., Darragh-Ford, E. 2022; 516 (1): L7-L11
  • Signal in Noise: Exploring Meaning Encoded in Random Character Sequences with Character-Aware Language Models Chu, M., Desikan, B., Nadler, E. O., Sardo, R. L., Darragh-Ford, E., Guilbeault, D., Assoc Computat Linguist ASSOC COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS-ACL. 2022: 7120-7134
  • Searching for Dwarf Galaxies in Gaia DR2 Phase-space Data Using Wavelet Transforms ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Darragh-Ford, E., Nadler, E. O., McLaughlin, S., Wechsler, R. H. 2021; 915 (1)