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  • Integrative machine learning approaches for predicting disease risk using multi-omics data from the UK Biobank. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology Aguilar, O., Chang, C., Bismuth, E., Rivas, M. A. 2024


    We train prediction and survival models using multi-omics data for disease risk identification and stratification. Existing work on disease prediction focuses on risk analysis using datasets of individual data types (metabolomic, genomics, demographic), while our study creates an integrated model for disease risk assessment. We compare machine learning models such as Lasso Regression, Multi-Layer Perceptron, XG Boost, and ADA Boost to analyze multi-omics data, incorporating ROC-AUC score comparisons for various diseases and feature combinations. Additionally, we train Cox proportional hazard models for each disease to perform survival analysis. Although the integration of multi-omics data significantly improves risk prediction for 8 diseases, we find that the contribution of metabolomic data is marginal when compared to standard demographic, genetic, and biomarker features. Nonetheless, we see that metabolomics is a useful replacement for the standard biomarker panel when it is not readily available.

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