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  • Experimental Discovery of a Fast and Stable Lithium Thioborate Solid Electrolyte, Li6+2x [B10S18]S- x (x approximate to 1) ACS ENERGY LETTERS Ma, Y., Wan, J., Xu, X., Sendek, A. D., Holmes, S. E., Ransom, B., Jiang, Z., Zhang, P., Xiao, X., Zhang, W., Xu, R., Liu, F., Ye, Y., Kaeli, E., Reed, E. J., Chueh, W. C., Cui, Y. 2023; 8 (6): 2762-2771
  • Mechanical regulation of lithium intrusion probability in garnet solid electrolytes NATURE ENERGY McConohy, G., Xu, X., Cui, T., Barks, E., Wang, S., Kaeli, E., Melamed, C., Gu, X., Chueh, W. C. 2023
  • Persistent and partially mobile oxygen vacancies in Li-rich layered oxides NATURE ENERGY Csernica, P. M., Kalirai, S. S., Gent, W. E., Lim, K., Yu, Y., Liu, Y., Ahn, S., Kaeli, E., Xu, X., Stone, K. H., Marshall, A. F., Sinclair, R., Shapiro, D. A., Toney, M. F., Chueh, W. C. 2021