Emmanuel Candès is the Barnum-Simons Chair in Mathematics and Statistics, a professor of electrical engineering (by courtesy) and a member of the Institute of Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University. Earlier, Candès was the Ronald and Maxine Linde Professor of Applied and Computational Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology. His research interests are in computational harmonic analysis, statistics, information theory, signal processing and mathematical optimization with applications to the imaging sciences, scientific computing and inverse problems. He received his Ph.D. in statistics from Stanford University in 1998.

Candès has received several awards including the Alan T. Waterman Award from NSF, which is the highest honor bestowed by the National Science Foundation, and which recognizes the achievements of early-career scientists. He has given over 60 plenary lectures at major international conferences, not only in mathematics and statistics but in many other areas as well including biomedical imaging and solid-state physics. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2014.

Academic Appointments

Honors & Awards

  • 2015 George David Birkhoff Prize, American Mathematical Society (AMS) & Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) (2015)
  • Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2014)
  • Invited Plenary Address at ICM 2014, International Mathematical Union (2014)
  • Member, National Academy of Sciences (2014)
  • Prix Jean Kuntzmann, Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann and PERSYVAL-lab (2014)
  • Dannie Heineman Prize, Academy of Sciences at Göttingen (2013)
  • Lagrange Prize in Continuous Optimization, Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS) and Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) (2012)
  • Collatz Prize, International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) (2011)
  • Simons Chair, Math + X, Simons Foundation (2011)
  • George Polya Prize, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) (2010)
  • Information Theory Society Paper Award, Information Theory Society (2008)
  • Alan T. Waterman Medal, National Science Foundation (2006)
  • James H. Wilkinson Prize in Numerical Analysis and Scientic Computing, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) (2005)
  • Best Paper Award, European Association for Signal, Speech and Image Processing (2003)
  • Young Investigator Award, Department of Energy (2002)
  • Sloan Research Fellow, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (2001-2003)
  • Third Popov Prize in Approximation Theory, Popov Foundation (2001)
  • DRET Fellowship, Ecole Polytechnique (1993-1997)
  • National Scholarship, Ecole Polytechnique (1990)

Professional Education

  • Diplome Ingenieur, Ecole Polytechnique (1993)
  • PhD, Stanford University, Statistics (1998)

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