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  • Improving the impact performance and residual strength of carbon fibre reinforced polymer composite through intralaminar hybridization COMPOSITES PART A-APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING Tian, K., Tay, T. E., Tan, V. C., Haris, A., Chew, E., Pham, V. H., Huang, J. Z., Raju, K., Sugahara, T., Fujihara, K., Zushi, H., Liu, J. L. 2023; 171
  • Bio-inspired helicoidal thin-ply carbon fiber reinforced epoxy laminates with nylon microparticles for improved toughness and healing COMPOSITES PART A-APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING Liu, J. L., Pham, V. H., Tay, T. E., Huang, J., Chew, E., Tan, V. C. 2023; 171
  • A new partially-infused fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite for improving impact resistance INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMPACT ENGINEERING Huang, J., Tan, V. C., Chew, E., Chan, K. J., Tay, T. E., Guo, L., Liu, J. L. 2022; 168
  • Improving the mechanical properties of natural fibre reinforced laminates composites through Biomimicry COMPOSITE STRUCTURES Chew, E., Liu, J. L., Tay, T. E., Tran, L. N., Tan, V. C. 2021; 258