Professional Education

  • Bachelor (Undeclared), Tsinghua University (2013)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Tsinghua University (2018)

All Publications

  • Performance Benchmarking of Spin-Orbit Torque Magnetic RAM (SOT-MRAM) for Deep Neural Network (DNN) Accelerators Luo, Y., Kumar, P., Liao, Y., Hwang, W., Xue, F., Tsai, W., Wang, S. X., Naeemi, A., Yu, S., IEEE IEEE. 2022: 73-76
  • Spin-orbit torques of an in-plane magnetized system modulated by the spin transport in the ferromagnetic Co layer APL MATERIALS Xue, F., Lin, S., Li, P., Hwang, W., Huang, Y., Tsai, W., Wang, S. X. 2021; 9 (10)

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  • Large and robust charge-to-spin conversion in sputtered conductive WTex with disorder MATTER Li, X., Li, P., Hou, V., Mahendra, D. C., Nien, C., Xue, F., Yi, D., Bi, C., Lee, C., Lin, S., Tsai, W., Suzuki, Y., Wang, S. X. 2021; 4 (5): 1639-1653
  • Micro Electric-field Sensors: Principles and Applications IEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE Han, Z., Xue, F., Hu, J., He, J. 2021
  • Tunable spin-orbit torque efficiency in in-plane and perpendicular magnetized [Pt/Co](n) multilayer APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Xue, F., Lin, S., Mahendra, D. C., Bi, C., Li, X., Tsai, W., Wang, S. X. 2021; 118 (4)

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  • Ultrahigh Spin-Orbit Torque Efficiency at Spin Reorientation Transition State in Pt/Co Multilayer Xue, F., Lin, S., Dc, M., Bi, C., Li, X., Tsai, W., Wang, S. X., IEEE IEEE. 2021
  • Challenges toward Low-Power SOT-MRAM Lin, S., Huang, Y., Song, M., Lee, C., Xue, F., Chen, G., Yang, S., Chang, Y., Wang, I., Hsin, Y., Su, Y., Wei, J., Pai, C., Wang, S. X., Diaz, C. H., IEEE IEEE. 2021
  • Drive-Current-Free Switch With Internal Transduction in a Magneto Piezo-Electronic Transistor IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Xue, F., Guo, Y., Sato, N., Ouyang, Y., Han, Z., Wang, S. X., Hu, J., He, J. 2020; 67 (4): 3257–66
  • Piezoelectric-Piezoresistive Coupling MEMS Sensors for Measurement of Electric Fields of Broad Bandwidth and Large Dynamic Range IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Xue, F., Hu, J., Guo, Y., Han, G., Ouyang, Y., Wang, S. X., He, J. 2020; 67 (1): 551–59
  • Large voltage control of magnetic anisotropy in CoFeB/MgO/OX structures at room temperature APL MATERIALS Xue, F., Sato, N., Bi, C., Hu, J., He, J., Wang, S. X. 2019; 7 (10)

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  • Research on the Protrusions Near Silicon-Glass Interface during Cavity Fabrication. Micromachines Zhang, M., Yang, J., He, Y., Yang, F., Zhao, Y., Xue, F., Han, G., Si, C., Ning, J. 2019; 10 (6)


    Taking advantage of good hermeticity, tiny parasitic capacitance, batch mode fabrication, and compatibility with multiple bonding techniques, the glass-silicon composite substrate manufactured by the glass reflow process has great potential to achieve 3D wafer-level packaging for high performance. However, the difference in etching characteristics between silicon and glass inevitably leads to the formation of the undesired micro-protrusions near the silicon-glass interface when preparing a shallow cavity etched around a few microns in the composite substrate. The micro-protrusions have a comparable height with the depth of the cavity, which increases the risks of damages to sensitive structures and may even trigger electrical breakdown, resulting in thorough device failure. In this paper, we studied the characteristics of the chemical composition and etching mechanisms at the interface carefully and proposed the corresponding optimized solutions that utilized plasma accumulation at the interface to accelerate etching and bridge the gap in etching rates between different chemical compositions. Finally, a smooth transition of 131.1 nm was achieved at the interface, obtaining an ideal etching cavity surface and experimentally demonstrating the feasibility of our proposal. The micromachining solution is beneficial for improving the yield and structural design flexibility of higher performance micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) devices.

    View details for DOI 10.3390/mi10060420

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  • Two-terminal spin-orbit torque magnetoresistive random access memory NATURE ELECTRONICS Sato, N., Xue, F., White, R. M., Bi, C., Wang, S. X. 2018; 1 (9): 508–11
  • Linear Control of Magneto-Electric Effect With Small Electric Fields IEEE MAGNETICS LETTERS Xue, F., Hu, J., Wang, S. X., He, J. 2016; 7
  • Electric Field Sensor Based on Piezoelectric Bending Effect for Wide Range Measurement IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Xue, F., Hu, J., Wang, S. X., He, J. 2015; 62 (9): 5730-5737