I bring both blue-collar and white-collar perspectives to my role as a scholar of infrastructure. For seven years, I was a concrete laborer on large infrastructure projects with the Laborers’ International Union of North America. Those years taught me social and environmental dimensions from the ground up. My fellow laborers wanted to work safely. However, though skilled, we often did not have the information to succeed, for example, we could have worked on another task while a broken piece of equipment was repaired, however, neither the crew nor our supervisors had access to a task schedule to see that. As a result, our supervisors forced us to work loading heavy concrete barriers with a damaged loader. Our choices were to work, quit, or be fired; we were not the operator of the loader, we were the ground crew.
Eventually, a barrier dropped. I screamed but made no sound. My limbs moved in slow motion as the weight accelerated. The barrier hit something that flipped it over and came to rest just inches above my chest. My fellow workers celebrated. One cried. We were told to get back to work. The futility of the situation left a lasting impression on me.

Honors & Awards

  • Homer Olsen Fellow, Stanford University
  • Clarkson Oglesby Graduate Fellow, Stanford University
  • John F. P. Brahtz Fellow in Civil Engineering, Stanford University

Professional Affiliations and Activities

  • Member, Transportation Resource Board (TRB) Visualization Committee (ABJ95) Virtual Design and Construction subcommittee (2011 - Present)
  • Sustainable Design and Construction Program Representative, Stanford University Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Graduate Life Council (2015 - 2016)
  • Active member in good standing, Laborers International Union of North America (2000 - Present)

Education & Certifications

  • Engineer, Stanford University, Civil and Environmental Engineering (2015)

Stanford Advisors

Service, Volunteer and Community Work

  • Student Parent Alliance, Stanford University (August 2016 - Present)

    A diverse group of students, postdocs, staff, faculty, and community members that promote resources for pregnant and parenting students at Stanford; see


    Stanford, CA

  • Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition Data Analysis Group (April 2016 - Present)

    Provide data analysis and technology development to support wage theft advocacy; see


    Stanford, CA

  • Workforce Virtual Design and Construction Program, Stanford University (August 2013 - Present)

    A student-run organization that provides continuing education to community college, apprentice program, and high school instructors; see


    Stanford, CA

All Publications

  • Teaching construction project management with BIM support: Experience and lessons learned AUTOMATION IN CONSTRUCTION Peterson, F., Hartmann, T., Fruchter, R., Fischer, M. 2011; 20 (2): 115-125
  • Integrated Scope-Schedule-Cost Model System for Civil Works 1st International Conference on Improving Construction and Use Through Integrated Design Solutions Peterson, F., Fischer, M., Tutti, T. TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE FINLAND. 2009: 176–199