Francis Fukuyama is the Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI), and Mosbacher Director of FSI's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law. He was previously the Bernard L. Schwartz Professor of International Political Economy t the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and before that Omer L. and Nancy Hirst Professor of Public Policy at Geoge Mason University.

Dr. Fukuyama has written widely on issues concerning political development and international political economy. His book, The End of History and the Last Man, was published by Free Press in 1992 and has appeared in over twenty foreign editions. His most recent books are The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution, America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy, and Falling Behind: Explaining the Development Gap between Latin America and the United States. A new book, Identity, will be published in September 2018.

Francis Fukuyama was born on October 27, 1952. He received his B.A. from Cornell University in classics, and his Ph.D. from Harvard in Political Science. He was a member of the Political Science Department of the RAND Corporation from 1979-1980, then again from 1983-89, and from 1995-96. In 1981-82 and in 1989 he was a member of the Policy Planning Staff of the US Department of State, the first time as a regular member specializing in Middle East affairs, and then as Deputy Director for European political-military affairs. In 1981-82 he was also a member of the US delegation to the Egyptian-Israeli talks on Palestinian autonomy. He served as a member of the President's Council on Bioethics from 2001-2004. Dr. Fukuyama is chairman of the editorial board of The American Interest magazine, which he helped to found in 2005. He is a member of the American Political Science Association and the Council on Foreign Relations. He is married to Laura Holmgren and has three children.

Academic Appointments

Honors & Awards

  • Book Critics Award, Los Angeles Times (1992)
  • Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, Italian Presidency (1992)
  • Premio Capri, Premio Capri (1992)
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, Connecticut College (1995)
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, Doane College (2001)
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, Doshisha University (2007)
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, Kansai University (2009)
  • Democracy Service Medal, National Endowment for Democracy (2010)
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Aahus (2010)
  • Founders Award, Johns Hopkins SAIS (2010)
  • Max M. Fisher Award for Excellence in Teaching, Johns Hopkins SAIS (2010)
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Aarhus (2011)
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, Pardee Rand Graduate School (2012)
  • Centennial Medal, Harvard University (2016)

Boards, Advisory Committees, Professional Organizations

  • Member, Board of Directors, National Endowment for Democracy (2000 - Present)
  • Chairman, Editorial Board, The American Interest Magazine (2005 - Present)
  • Member, Board of Directors, Inter-American Dialogue (2008 - Present)
  • Member, Board of Directors, The Volcker Alliance (2013 - Present)

Program Affiliations

  • Center for East Asian Studies
  • Center for Human Rights and International Justice
  • Center for Latin American Studies

Professional Education

  • PhD, Harvard University, Political Science (1981)
  • BA, Cornell University, Classics (1974)

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

Developing nations; governance; international political economy; nation-building and democratization; strategic and security issues


  • The Governance Project (1/15/2012 - Present)



    For More Information:

  • Leadership Academy for Development, Stanford University/Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

    A case-based course for mid-level public officials in developing countries, geared toward public sector reforms and policies designed to improve private sector growth.


    partnership with INCAE, University of Cape Town, Singapore Management Univ., Strathmore Univ.

  • Knight Project on the Internet and Democracy, Stanford University (9/1/2017)

    This project brings together research done across Stanford University on the consequences of new digital technology on democratic institutions around the world.


    ca, usa

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All Publications

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