Gage Gorsky is a queer mixed Mexican Jewish multimodal research advisor, data analyst, and program evaluator who uses a range of methodologies to explore intersections of identity and the phenomenon of social categorization, with a focus on the liminal and marginal embodied experiences of real people. They have a doctorate in Educational Measurement and Statistics from the University of Washington, where their dissertation examined persistent gender stereotypes embedded into the linguistic features of middle school math word problems. Gage’s inquiry bridges social science themes, with expertise and experience doing research spanning disciplines- education, history, statistics, feminist and queer theories, psychology, and identity development.

Past projects have covered dynamic subject matter, including a genealogical and historical study of the Mormon migration to California during the mid-19th century, a statistical exploration of factors influencing healthcare utilization among transgender adults in the United States, and HR- and disability justice-focused survey research on workplace inclusion practices within a markedly mixed-ability workforce.

Their recent work explores the dynamic expression of intersectional Jewish identity, including collaborations with the Jews of Color Initiative, where they helped lead “Beyond the Count,” the largest ever study of Jews of Color released August 2021. In addition to ongoing work with the Jim Joseph Foundation, SVARA, Nazun, and Jewish organizations across the United States, they serve as an advisor for OneTable, the Collaborative for Applied Studies in Jewish Education (CASJE), Edot Midwest, as well as a number of additional independent research projects.

Professional Education

  • Bachelor of Arts, Depaul University (2011)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Washington (2019)
  • Master of Arts, Loyola University Of Chicago (2013)
  • PhD, University of Washington, Educational Measurement and Statistics (2019)
  • MA, Loyola University Chicago, Educational Research Methodology (2013)
  • BA, DePaul University, Psychology; Women's and Gender Studies (2011)

Stanford Advisors

Lab Affiliations