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  • A microfabricated sensor for thin dielectric layers REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS Fierlinger, P., DeVoe, R., Flatt, B., Gratta, G., Green, M., Kolkowitz, S., LePort, F., Diez, M. M., Neilson, R., O'Sullivan, K., Pocar, A., Wodin, J. 2008; 79 (4)


    We describe a sensor for the measurement of thin dielectric layers capable of operation in a variety of environments. The sensor is obtained by microfabricating a capacitor with interleaved aluminum fingers, exposed to the dielectric to be measured. In particular, the device can measure thin layers of solid frozen from a liquid or gaseous medium. Sensitivity to single atomic layers is achievable in many configurations and, by utilizing fast, high sensitivity capacitance readout in a feedback system onto environmental parameters; coatings of few layers can be dynamically maintained. We discuss the design, readout, and calibration of several versions of the device optimized in different ways. We specifically dwell on the case in which atomically thin solid xenon layers are grown and stabilized, in cryogenic conditions, from a liquid xenon bath.

    View details for DOI 10.1063/1.2906402

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  • Nuclear propelled vessels and neutrino oscillation experiments PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Detwiler, J., Gratta, G., Tolich, N., Uchida, Y. 2002; 89 (19)


    We study the effect of naval nuclear reactors on the study of neutrino oscillations. We find that the presence of naval reactors at unknown locations and times may limit the accuracy of future very long baseline reactor-based neutrino oscillation experiments. At the same time, we argue that a nuclear powered surface ship such as a large Russian icebreaker may provide an ideal source for precision experiments.

    View details for DOI 10.1103/PhysRevLett.89.191802

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