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  • A Leu(CAG)-tRNA derived small RNA regulates ribosomal protein S28 after translation initiation in both human and mouse liver cancers Kim, H., Xu, J., Chu, K., Park, H., jang, H., Li, P., Valdmanis, P., Zhang, Q., Kay, M. AMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCH. 2020
  • Proteins Complex of the Fanconi Anemia Pathway as Determinant of AAV-Mediated Genomic Targeted Integration Puzzo, F., de Alencastro, G., Pavel-Dinu, M., Zhang, F., Pillay, S., Majzoub, K., Tiffany, M., Jang, H., Sheikali, A., Cromer, K. M., Meetei, R., Carette, J. E., Porteus, M. H., Pekrun, K., Kay, M. A. CELL PRESS. 2020: 459
  • A tRNA-Derived Small RNA Regulates Ribosomal Protein S28 Protein Levels after Translation Initiation in Humans and Mice. Cell reports Kim, H. K., Xu, J., Chu, K., Park, H., Jang, H., Li, P., Valdmanis, P. N., Zhang, Q. C., Kay, M. A. 2019; 29 (12): 3816


    tRNA-derived small RNAs (tsRNAs) have been implicated in many cellular processes, yet the detailed mechanisms are not well defined. We previously found that the 3' end of Leu-CAG tRNA-derived small RNA (LeuCAG3'tsRNA) regulates ribosome biogenesis in humans by maintaining ribosomal protein S28 (RPS28) levels. The tsRNA binds to coding (CDS) and non-coding 3' UTR sequence in the RPS28 mRNA, altering its secondary structure and enhancing its translation. Here we report that the functional 3' UTR target site is present in primates while the CDS target site is present in many vertebrates. We establish that this tsRNA also regulates mouse Rps28 translation by interacting with the CDS target site. We further establish that the change in mRNA translation occurred at a post-initiation step in both species. Overall, our results suggest that LeuCAG3'tsRNA might maintain ribosome biogenesis through a conserved gene regulatory mechanism in vertebrates.

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  • Amino-Acylated LeuCAG3 ' tsRNA Mediates Translational Elongation of Ribosomal Protein S28 mRNA and is a Key Regulatory Step in Ribosome Biogenesis Kim, H., Liu, Z., Xu, J., Chu, K., Park, H., Jang, H., Li, P., Valdmanis, P., Zhang, Q., Kay, M. CELL PRESS. 2019: 302