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  • Toward Certified Robustness Against Real-World Distribution Shifts Wu, H., Tagomori, T., Robey, A., Yang, F., Matni, N., Pappas, G., Hassani, H., Pasareanu, C., Barrett, C., IEEE IEEE COMPUTER SOC. 2023: 537-553
  • Scalable Verification of GNN-Based Job Schedulers PROCEEDINGS OF THE ACM ON PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES-PACMPL Wu, H., Barrett, C., Sharif, M., Narodytska, N., Singh, G. 2022; 6 (OOPSLA)

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  • Efficient Neural Network Analysis with Sum-of-Infeasibilities Wu, H., Zeljic, A., Katz, G., Barrett, C., Fisman, D., Rosu, G. SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG. 2022: 143-163
  • <i>Proof</i>-<i>Stitch</i>: Proof Combination for Divide-and-Conquer SAT Solvers Nair, A., Chattopadhyay, S., Wu, H., Ozdemir, A., Barrett, C., Griggio, A., Rungta, N. TU Wien Acad Press. 2022: 84-88
  • On Optimizing Back-Substitution Methods for Neural Network Verification Zelazny, T., Wu, H., Barrett, C., Katz, G., Griggio, A., Rungta, N. TU Wien Acad Press. 2022: 17-26
  • Global optimization of objective functions represented by ReLU networks MACHINE LEARNING Strong, C. A., Wu, H., Zeljic, A., Julian, K. D., Katz, G., Barrett, C., Kochenderfer, M. J. 2021
  • DeepCert: Verification of Contextually Relevant Robustness for Neural Network Image Classifiers Paterson, C., Wu, H., Grese, J., Calinescu, R., Pasareanu, C. S., Barrett, C., Habli, Sujan, M., Bitsch, F. SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG. 2021: 3-17
  • Towards Verification of Neural Networks for Small Unmanned Aircraft Collision Avoidance Irfan, A., Julian, K. D., Wu, H., Barrett, C., Kochenderfer, M. J., Meng, B., Lopez, J., IEEE IEEE. 2020
  • G2SAT: Learning to Generate SAT Formulas You, J., Wu, H., Barrett, C., Ramanujan, R., Leskovec, J., Wallach, H., Larochelle, H., Beygelzimer, A., d'Alche-Buc, F., Fox, E., Garnett, R. NEURAL INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEMS (NIPS). 2019
  • The Marabou Framework for Verification and Analysis of Deep Neural Networks Katz, G., Huang, D. A., Ibeling, D., Julian, K., Lazarus, C., Lim, R., Shah, P., Thakoor, S., Wu, H., Zeljic, A., Dill, D. L., Kochenderfer, M. J., Barrett, C., Dillig, Tasiran, S. SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG. 2019: 443–52