I am a Research Scientist at the Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities program, and engage with our affiliated companies to identify relevant technology, develop and lead research projects. I conduct the research relating to urban economics and IoT.

My research has covered issues such as the impact of a foreclosure on real estate sale price, the income-distributional effects of rent control, and informational asymmetries on the housing market. I have academic publications within the fields of real estate finance, housing economics, and law.

I have also conducted several policy-related research projects, such as co-authoring a report on the distributional effects of rent control for the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council, developing best practice guidelines for appraisal of development land for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in Sweden, and writing a white-paper on technology that improves mobility in cities published by Visa Inc.

I have been engaged in local politics in my hometown of Vaxholm, Sweden, as an elected member of city council.

Academic Appointments

  • Research Engineer, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professional Education

  • PhD, Royal Institute of Technology, Real Estate Economics (2018)

All Publications

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