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  • Monetizing the IoT Revolution SUSTAINABILITY Donner, H., Steep, M. 2021; 13 (4)

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  • Determinants of a foreclosure discount JOURNAL OF HOUSING AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Donner, H. 2020
  • The impact of leasehold status on apartment price JOURNAL OF HOUSING ECONOMICS Caesar, C., Donner, H., Kopsch, F. 2019; 46
  • Does the Starbucks effect exist? Searching for a relationship between Starbucks and adjacent rents PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Donner, H., Loh, T. 2019; 37 (4): 562–78
  • Housing Tenure and Informational Asymmetries JOURNAL OF REAL ESTATE RESEARCH Donner, H., Kopsch, F. 2018; 40 (2): 155–77
  • Digital Cities: Real Estate Development Driven by Big Data Donner, H., Eriksson, K., Steep, M. Stanford University Global Projects Center Working Paper Series. 2018
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  • Determinants of a Foreclosure Discount Donner, H. KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 2017 ; Working Paper Series, Department of Real Estate and Construction Management and the Center for Banking and Finance
  • Forced sales and their impact on real estate prices JOURNAL OF HOUSING ECONOMICS Donner, H., Song, H., Wilhelmsson, M. 2016; 34: 60–68