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  • How Redundant are Redundant Encodings? Blindness in the Wild and Racial Disparity when Race is Unobserved Cheng, L., Gallegos, I. O., Ouyang, D., Goldin, J., Ho, D. E., ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY. 2023: 667-686
  • Opportunistic Incidence Prediction of Multiple Chronic Diseases from Abdominal CT Imaging Using Multi-task Learning Blankemeier, L., Gallegos, I., Chaves, J., Maron, D., Sandhu, A., Rodriguez, F., Rubin, D., Patel, B., Willis, M., Boutin, R., Chaudhari, A. S., Wang, L., Dou, Q., Fletcher, P. T., Speidel, S., Li, S. SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG. 2022: 309-318