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  • Effects of architectural interventions on psychological, cognitive, social, and pro-environmental aspects of occupant well-being: Results from an immersive online study BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT Bianchi, E., Bencharit, L., Murnane, E. L., Altaf, B., Douglas, I. P., Landay, J. A., Billington, S. L. 2024; 253
  • Understanding How Racism and Affect Impact Public Opinions toward Affordable Housing in the United States JOURNAL OF PLANNING EDUCATION AND RESEARCH Douglas, I. P., Chan, D., Bencharit, L., Billington, S. L. 2024
  • Physical workplaces and human well-being: A mixed-methods study to quantify the effects of materials, windows, and representation on biobehavioral outcomes BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT Douglas, I. P., Murnane, E. L., Bencharit, L., Altaf, B., Costa, J., Yang, J., Ackerson, M., Srivastava, C., Cooper, M., Douglas, K., King, J., Paredes, P. E., Camp, N. P., Mauriello, M., Ardoin, N. M., Markus, H., Landay, J. A., Billington, S. L. 2022; 224
  • Poster Abstract: Human Wellbeing Responses to Real and Simulated Workplaces Bianchi, E., Altaf, B., Tavakoli, A., Douglas, I. P., Landay, J. A., Billington, S. L., ACM ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY. 2022: 299-300
  • Use of Crowdsourced Online Surveys to Study the Impact of Architectural and Design Choices on Wellbeing Frontiers in Sustainable Cities Altaf, B., Bianchi, E., Douglas, I. P., Douglas, K., Byers, B., Paredes, P. E., Ardoin, N. M., Markus, H. R., Murnane, E. L., Bencharit, L. Z., Landay, J. A., Billington, S. L. 2022: 19

    View details for DOI 10.3389/frsc.2022.780376

  • Cuba's National School of Ballet: Redefining a structural icon ENGINEERING STRUCTURES Douglas, I., Napolitano, R. K., Garlock, M., Glisic, B. 2020; 204