Jack Nasher is a scholar and practitioner in negotiation strategy.

Professor Nasher previously taught at Oxford University, his alma mater, and became the youngest ever appointee for a professorship at Munich Business School.
Alongside his studies in Philosophy (PhD), Psychology (MA), Management (MSc), and Law (German State Exam), he earned his stripes at the European Court of Justice, at the United Nations in New York City, and at Wall Street’s leading law firm Skadden.

Professor Nasher explores the dynamics of the negotiation process, utilizing psychological insights to read and influence people. He has helped car manufacturers, private equity firms, professional service firms, and many other companies and individuals improve their negotiation processes.

Professor Nasher's books became multiple bestsellers and appeared in Germany, Russia, China and many other countries. CONVINCED! (Berrett-Koehler) is scheduled to appear in the US in November 2018.

Professor Nasher is a Principle Practitioner of the Association of Business Psychology and regularly speaks at management conventions, where his research has previously been awarded with a gold medal. He is an avid mentalist and regularly demonstrates mind mysteries at Hollywood’s Magic Castle.