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  • Electrolyte Coatings for High Adhesion Interfaces in Solid-State Batteries from First Principles. ACS applied materials & interfaces Ransom, B., Ramdas, A., Lomeli, E., Fidawi, J., Sendek, A., Devereaux, T., Reed, E. J., Schindler, P. 2023


    We introduce an adhesion parameter that enables rapid screening for materials interfaces with high adhesion. This parameter is obtained by density functional theory calculations of individual single-material slabs rather than slabs consisting of combinations of two materials, eliminating the need to calculate all configurations of a prohibitively vast space of possible interface configurations. Cleavage energy calculations are used as an upper bound for electrolyte and coating energies and implemented in an adapted contact angle equation to derive the adhesion parameter. In addition to good adhesion, we impose further constraints in electrochemical stability window, abundance, bulk reactivity, and stability to screen for coating materials for next-generation solid-state batteries. Good adhesion is critical in combating delamination and resistance to lithium diffusivity in solid-state batteries. Here, we identify several promising coating candidates for the Li7La3Zr2O12 and sulfide electrolyte systems including the previously investigated electrode coating materials LiAlSiO4 and Li5AlO8, making them especially attractive for experimental optimization and commercialization.

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