Education & Certifications

  • MA, Yale University, History (2022)
  • BA, Brown University, Classics and Cognitive Neuroscience (2020)

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

Jamie Flynn is a PhD student in Ancient History. He focuses on the cultural, religious, and economic history of the eastern Mediterranean during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, ancient India and its connection with Mediterranean societies, and the historical impact of climate change on the ancient world. As an undergrad, he researched the economic history of warfare in the Greek and Roman worlds. His undergraduate thesis compared contemporary trends among Hellenistic philosophers and Indian ascetics of withdrawing from society. During his M.A. degree, he worked on the Yale Nile Initiative, an interdisciplinary group of historians and scientists studying climate change in antiquity, where he covered South Asia. He also worked on digitally documenting Greek epigraphy from Dura Europos and has an ongoing interest in the digital humanities. He studies the Indian languages Sanskrit and Pali in addition to Latin and Greek.