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  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Stanford University (2016 - 2019)

Professional Education

  • Dr. rer. nat., Leibniz Universität Hannover, Physics (2016)


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  • Large Momentum Transfer Clock Atom Interferometry on the 689 nm Intercombination Line of Strontium PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Rudolph, J., Wilkason, T., Nantel, M., Swan, H., Holland, C. M., Jiang, Y., Garber, B. E., Carman, S. P., Hogan, J. M. 2020; 124 (8): 083604


    We report the first realization of large momentum transfer (LMT) clock atom interferometry. Using single-photon interactions on the strontium ^{1}S_{0}-^{3}P_{1} transition, we demonstrate Mach-Zehnder interferometers with state-of-the-art momentum separation of up to 141  ℏk and gradiometers of up to 81  ℏk. Moreover, we circumvent excited state decay limitations and extend the gradiometer duration to 50 times the excited state lifetime. Because of the broad velocity acceptance of the interferometry pulses, all experiments are performed with laser-cooled atoms at a temperature of 3  μK. This work has applications in high-precision inertial sensing and paves the way for LMT-enhanced clock atom interferometry on even narrower transitions, a key ingredient in proposals for gravitational wave detection and dark matter searches.

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  • Atomic source selection in space-borne gravitational wave detection NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Loriani, S., Schlippert, D., Schubert, C., Abend, S., Ahlers, H., Ertmer, W., Rudolph, J., Hogan, J. M., Kasevich, M. A., Rasel, E. M., Gaaloul, N. 2019; 21 (6)
  • Fast manipulation of Bose-Einstein condensates with an atom chip NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Corgier, R., Amri, S., Herr, W., Ahlers, H., Rudolph, J., Guery-Odelin, D., Rasel, E. M., Charron, E., Gaaloul, N. 2018; 20
  • A high-flux BEC source for mobile atom interferometers NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Rudolph, J., Herr, W., Grzeschik, C., Sternke, T., Grote, A., Popp, M., Becker, D., Muentinga, H., Ahlers, H., Peters, A., Laemmerzahl, C., Sengstock, K., Gaaloul, N., Ertmer, W., Rasel, E. M. 2015; 17
  • Design of a dual species atom interferometer for space EXPERIMENTAL ASTRONOMY Schuldt, T., Schubert, C., Krutzik, M., Bote, L., Gaaloul, N., Hartwig, J., Ahlers, H., Herr, W., Posso-Trujillo, K., Rudolph, J., Seidel, S., Wendrich, T., Ertmer, W., Herrmann, S., Kubelka-Lange, A., Milke, A., Rievers, B., Rocco, E., Hinton, A., Bongs, K., Oswald, M., Franz, M., Hauth, M., Peters, A., Bawamia, A., Wicht, A., Battelier, B., Bertoldi, A., Bouyer, P., Landragin, A., Massonnet, D., Leveque, T., Wenzlawski, A., Hellmig, O., Windpassinger, P., Sengstock, K., von Klitzing, W., Chaloner, C., Summers, D., Ireland, P., Mateos, I., Sopuerta, C. F., Sorrentino, F., Tino, G. M., Williams, M., Trenkel, C., Gerardi, D., Chwalla, M., Burkhardt, J., Johann, U., Heske, A., Wille, E., Gehler, M., Cacciapuoti, L., Guerlebeck, N., Braxmaier, C., Rasel, E. 2015; 39 (2): 167–206
  • STE-QUEST-test of the universality of free fall using cold atom interferometry CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY Aguilera, D. N., Ahlers, H., Battelier, B., Bawamia, A., Bertoldi, A., Bondarescu, R., Bongs, K., Bouyer, P., Braxmaier, C., Cacciapuoti, L., Chaloner, C., Chwalla, M., Braxmaier, C., Cacciapuoti, L., Chaloner, C., Chwalla, M., Ertmer, W., Franz, M., Gaaloul, N., Gehler, M., Gerardi, D., Gesa, L., Guerlebeck, N., Hartwig, J., Hauth, M., Hellmig, O., Herr, W., Herrmann, S., Heske, A., Hinton, A., Ireland, P., Jetzer, P., Johann, U., Krutzik, M., Kubelka, A., Laemmerzahl, C., Landragin, A., Lloro, I., Massonnet, D., Mateos, I., Milke, A., Nofrarias, M., Oswald, M., Peters, A., Posso-Trujillo, K., Rasel, E., Rocco, E., Roura, A., Rudolph, J., Schleich, W., Schubert, C., Schuldt, T., Seidel, S., Sengstock, K., Sopuerta, C. F., Sorrentino, F., Summers, D., Tino, G. M., Trenkel, C., Uzunoglu, N., von Klitzing, W., Walser, R., Wendrich, T., Wenzlawski, A., Wessels, P., Wicht, A., Wille, E., Williams, M., Windpassinger, P., Zahzam, N. 2014; 31 (11)
  • Interferometry with Bose-Einstein Condensates in Microgravity PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Muentinga, H., Ahlers, H., Krutzik, M., Wenzlawski, A., Arnold, S., Becker, D., Bongs, K., Dittus, H., Duncker, H., Gaaloul, N., Gherasim, C., Giese, E., Grzeschik, C., Haensch, T. W., Hellmig, O., Herr, W., Herrmann, S., Kajari, E., Kleinert, S., Laemmerzahl, C., Lewoczko-Adamczyk, W., Malcolm, J., Meyer, N., Nolte, R., Peters, A., Popp, M., Reichel, J., Roura, A., Rudolph, J., Schiemangk, M., Schneider, M., Seidel, S. T., Sengstock, K., Tamma, V., Valenzuela, T., Vogel, A., Walser, R., Wendrich, T., Windpassinger, P., Zeller, W., van Zoest, T., Ertmer, W., Schleich, W. P., Rasel, E. M. 2013; 110 (9): 093602


    Atom interferometers covering macroscopic domains of space-time are a spectacular manifestation of the wave nature of matter. Because of their unique coherence properties, Bose-Einstein condensates are ideal sources for an atom interferometer in extended free fall. In this Letter we report on the realization of an asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometer operated with a Bose-Einstein condensate in microgravity. The resulting interference pattern is similar to the one in the far field of a double slit and shows a linear scaling with the time the wave packets expand. We employ delta-kick cooling in order to enhance the signal and extend our atom interferometer. Our experiments demonstrate the high potential of interferometers operated with quantum gases for probing the fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics and general relativity.

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  • Degenerate Quantum Gases in Microgravity MICROGRAVITY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Rudolph, J., Gaaloul, N., Singh, Y., Ahlers, H., Herr, W., Schulze, T. A., Seidel, S., Rode, C., Schkolnik, V., Ertmer, W., Rasel, E., Muentinga, H., Koenemann, T., Resch, A., Herrmann, S., Laemmerzahl, C., van Zoest, T., Dittus, H., Vogel, A., Wenzlawski, A., Sengstock, K., Meyer, N., Bongs, K., Krutzik, M., Lewoczko-Adamczyk, W., Schiemangk, M., Peters, A., Eckart, M., Kajari, E., Arnold, S., Nandi, G., Schleich, W. P., Walser, R., Steinmetz, T., Haensch, T. W., Reichel, J. 2011; 23 (3): 287–92
  • iSense: A Portable Ultracold-Atom-Based Gravimeter de Angelis, M., Angonin, M. C., Beaufils, Q., Becker, C., Bertoldi, A., Bongs, K., Bourdel, T., Bouyer, P., Boyer, V., Doerscher, S., Duncker, H., Ertmer, W., Fernholz, T., Fromhold, T. M., Herr, W., Krueger, P., Kuerbis, C., Mellor, C. J., Dos Santos, F., Peters, A., Poli, N., Popp, M., Prevedelli, M., Rasel, E. M., Rudolph, J., Schreck, F., Sengstock, K., Sorrentino, F., Stellmer, S., Tino, G. M., Valenzuela, T., Wendrich, T. J., Wicht, A., Windpassinger, P., Wolf, P., Giacobino, E., Pfeifer, R. ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV. 2011: 334–36