I received a BS degree in Chemistry (2019; advisors: Prof. Guibin Jiang, Prof. Dujin Wang, and Prof. Xia Dong) and an MS degree in Archaeological Science (2022; advisor: Prof. Yimin Yang from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
My research in the past focused on the analysis of ancient alcoholic beverages, with several findings and methodological contributions. Besides, I also conducted some research on ancient ceramics and alchemy.
At Stanford, I plan to learn the research paradigm of archaeology and anthropology, continue to analyze alcohol remains to restore information about their types, raw materials, and techniques, and, if possible, introduce or extend metabolomics or other methods to archaeological research.

Honors & Awards

  • “Li Ji” Prize for Chinese Archaeology, Finalist, "Discovering China" Foundation (2021)
  • Excellent Graduation Thesis (Bachelor), University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2019)

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

1. The eastward spread of grape wine and its sinicization-archaeological evidence from northwest China in the Tang dynasty

2. Speculation on the death of Haihun Marquis in the Han Dynasty—Evidence from spectroscopic analysis of buried soils

3. Analysis of organic residues in small pottery from the Cha'Hai Site in the Early Neolithic of Northern China

4. Study on pit mud of Suixi Brewing Site in Ming & Qing Dynasties

Lab Affiliations

All Publications

  • Residue analysis of liquor remains: problems, methods, and perspectives (In Chinese) East Asia Archaeology Li, J., Yang, Y. 2024: 207-225
  • Characterization of liquor remains in Beibaie site, central China during the 8th century BCE MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL Li, J., Yang, J., Cao, J., Nan, P., Gao, J., Shi, D., Han, B., Yang, Y. 2022; 177
  • Integrated interpretation of pXRF data on ancient nephrite artifacts excavated from Tomb No.1 in Yuehe Town, Henan Province, China HERITAGE SCIENCE Chen, D., Yang, Y., Qiao, B., Li, J., Luo, W. 2022; 10 (1)
  • Organic residue analysis of some Tang Dynasty calabash remains unearthed in Xinjiang (In Chinese) Journal of Chinese History of Science and Technology Li, J., Hu, X., Wang, B., Jiang, H., Shi, D., Yang, Y., Han, B. 2022; 43 (4)
  • The Origin and Development of Fritware in the Middle East (In Chinese) Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities (Natural Science Edition) Li, J., Yang, Y. 2021; 27 (3)
  • Dynamic Bonds Mediate pi-pi Interaction via Phase Locking Effect for Enhanced Heat Resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane CHINESE JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE Lai, Y., Kuang, X., Yang, W., Wang, Y., Zhu, P., Li, J., Dong, X., Wang, D. 2021; 39 (2): 154-163