My professional and academic experience includes working with, facilitating and teaching teams from the around the globe in a wide spectrum of domains including Product Service System Design, User Experience, Interaction Design, Business Innovation, Digital Transformation and Digital Health Design.

I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (New Product Development and Design Theory & Methodology) from Stanford University, an MFA in Art and Design from Stanford University, a BA in Historical Mathematics and Philosophy from St John's College, Annapolis, and was a GlaxoSmithKline Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship.I am founder and director of the Center for Advanced Design Studies. My work focuses on understanding and creating innovative cultures that make impact in diverse cultural settings.

As a deep generalist, my interests are fundamentally transdisciplinary: I study how change is made in diverse fields and distill these insights into novel formal methods that can be brought to a wide range of fields to create new phenomena that enable entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to bring their best to make positive impact in the world.

My expertise is in creating a bridge between cutting edge design theory and day-to-day practice by providing design teams with tested conceptual frameworks and physical tools for ideation, prototyping and empirical testing. Polymath, Iconoclast, Classicist and Lover of Pop Culture, I engage and inspire diverse communities to think outside the box, to reach and deliver far beyond expectations.

Academic Appointments

  • Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering