Katie is an Academic Advising Director with Undergraduate Advising and Research, where she advises students in the Lagunita Court residences on courses, majors, and academic planning. She completed her PhD at Scripps Institution of Oceanography where she focused on marine geophysics, and her BA at Occidental College where she majored in physics and environmental science. Katie’s academic interests include curriculum development in interdisciplinary environmental sciences, experiential learning in the field, and helping students prepare for the job search through communications training and reflection.

Current Role at Stanford

I am an Academic Advising Director with Undergraduate Advising and Research. I advise students in the Lagunita Court residential complex on courses, majors, research and other opportunities.

2016-17 Courses

All Publications

  • An interdisciplinary capstone experience integrates science, technology, business, and law for joint MS students in environment and resources at Stanford University Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences Phillips, K. A., Doyle, H. J. 2011
  • 10.1007/s13412-011-0038-8 Capstones and practica in environmental studies and sciences programs: rationale and lessons learned Camill, P., Phillips, K. 2011
  • Vertical deformation measurements on the submerged south flank of Kilauea volcano, Hawai'i reveal seafloor motion associated with volcanic collapse JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH Phillips, K. A., Chadwell, C. D., Hildebrand, J. A. 2008; 113 (B5)