Kayvon Fatahalian is an assistant professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. His students work on visual computing systems projects, including large-scale video analytics, programming systems for video data mining, compilation techniques for optimizing image processing pipelines, and systems for real-time 3D graphics.

Academic Appointments

2020-21 Courses

Stanford Advisees

  • Doctoral Dissertation Reader (AC)
    Matthew Feldman, Sadjad Fouladi, Stefan Hadjis, Michael Mara, Deepak Narayanan
  • Orals Evaluator
    Michael Mara
  • Master's Program Advisor
    Haofeng Chen, Jo Chuang, Bryan Kim, Can Liu, Zeb Mehring, Daniel Tang
  • Doctoral (Program)
    David Durst, Dan Fu, James Hong, Brennan Shacklett, David Yao, Haotian Zhang