I'm a member of the Class of 2026 at Stanford University, studying classics, history, and politics. I’m a seasoned public speaker with experience in speechwriting, research (both in the sciences and humanities), debate, and communication.

I’m a published author of historical papers and have undertaken numerous oral history projects with prominent historical figures, including Vice President Walter F. Mondale and Freedom Rider Jerome Smith; the topics of my work range from the 2nd Russo-Persian War to the 1963 meeting between James Baldwin and Robert Kennedy. I also have experience lecturing on military history.

I am deeply passionate about addressing societal challenges in our country and around the world. I care particularly about education inequality—what I believe is the root of many other societal problems—and am devoting time and energy to this cause through my work with RFK Human Rights and the Memorial Foundation.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to historical speeches (RFK’s Cleveland City Club Address is my favorite), reading Stoic philosophy, and jumping into Stanford’s fountains. I’m fascinated by spaceflight and am a big fan of Transcendental poetry.