Education & Certifications

  • M.A Sc., University of Waterloo, Mechanical Engineering (2021)
  • B.A Sc., University of Waterloo, Mechanical Engineering (2017)

All Publications

  • A versatile pressure-cell design for studying ultrafast molecular-dynamics in supercritical fluids using coherent multi-pulse x-ray scattering. The Review of scientific instruments Muhunthan, P., Li, H., Vignat, G., Toro, E. R., Younes, K., Sun, Y., Sokaras, D., Weiss, T., Rajkovic, I., Osaka, T., Inoue, I., Song, S., Sato, T., Zhu, D., Fulton, J. L., Ihme, M. 2024; 95 (1)


    Supercritical fluids (SCFs) can be found in a variety of environmental and industrial processes. They exhibit an anomalous thermodynamic behavior, which originates from their fluctuating heterogeneous micro-structure. Characterizing the dynamics of these fluids at high temperature and high pressure with nanometer spatial and picosecond temporal resolution has been very challenging. The advent of hard x-ray free electron lasers has enabled the development of novel multi-pulse ultrafast x-ray scattering techniques, such as x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy (XPCS) and x-ray pump x-ray probe (XPXP). These techniques offer new opportunities for resolving the ultrafast microscopic behavior in SCFs at unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution, unraveling the dynamics of their micro-structure. However, harnessing these capabilities requires a bespoke high-pressure and high-temperature sample system that is optimized to maximize signal intensity and address instrument-specific challenges, such as drift in beamline components, x-ray scattering background, and multi-x-ray-beam overlap. We present a pressure cell compatible with a wide range of SCFs with built-in optical access for XPCS and XPXP and discuss critical aspects of the pressure cell design, with a particular focus on the design optimization for XPCS.

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  • Autonomous screening of complex phase spaces using Bayesian optimization for SAXS measurements NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A-ACCELERATORS SPECTROMETERS DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT Younes, K., Poli, M., Muhunthan, P., Rajkovic, I., Ermon, S., Weiss, T. M., Ihme, M. 2023; 1057
  • Improving volume-averaged simulations of matrix-stabilized combustion through direct X-ray ╬╝CT characterization: Application to NH<sub>3 </sub>/H<sub>2</sub>-air combustion COMBUSTION AND FLAME Zirwes, T., Vignat, G., Toro, E. R., Boigne, E., Younes, K., Trimis, D., Ihme, M. 2023; 257
  • Experimental and numerical investigation of flame stabilization and pollutant formation in matrix stabilized ammonia-hydrogen combustion COMBUSTION AND FLAME Vignat, G., Zirwes, T., Toro, E. R., Younes, K., Boigne, E., Muhunthan, P., Simitz, L., Trimis, D., Ihme, M. 2023; 250
  • Mean Velocity Scaling of High-Speed Turbulent Flows Under Nonadiabatic Wall Conditions AIAA JOURNAL Younes, K., Hickey, J. 2022

    View details for DOI 10.2514/1.J062547

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  • A fuzzy cluster method for turbulent/non-turbulent interface detection EXPERIMENTS IN FLUIDS Younes, K., Gibeau, B., Ghaemi, S., Hickey, J. 2021; 62 (4)