Kim Beil is an art historian who specializes in the history of photography. Her book, Good Pictures: A History of Popular Photography, looks at 50 stylistic trends in the medium since the 19th century. Recently she’s written about photography and climate change for The Atlantic, a survey of street views for Cabinet, and a history of screenshots for the Believer. She also writes frequently about modern and contemporary art for Artforum, Art in America, BOMB, Photograph, and Sculpture magazines.

Academic Appointments

  • Lecturer, Stanford Introductory Studies

2022-23 Courses

All Publications

  • Street Views Cabinet Magazine Beil, K. 2021
  • On Craft: What I Learned While Cataloguing An Entire Library Literary Hub Beil, K. 2021
  • Midwestern Exposure Lapham's Quarterly Beil, K. 2021
  • Why We Love To Play Pretend In Front Of Scenic Backdrops Aeon Beil, K. 2020
  • No Longer Trending: On How We Name Photographic Fads Literary Hub Beil, K. 2020
  • Snap Judgment Lapham's Quarterly Beil, K. 2020
  • Photography Has Never Known How To Handle Climate Change The Atlantic Beil, K. 2020
  • The Myth of Black and White Modernism: Color Photographs and the Politics of Retrojective Looking VISUAL RESOURCES Beil, K. 2015; 31 (3-4): 127–53