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  • Marine Invertebrates One Cell at A Time: Insights from Single-Cell Analysis. Integrative and comparative biology Bump, P., Lubeck, L. 2023


    Over the past decade, single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) has made it possible to study the cellular diversity of a broad range of organisms. Technological advances in single-cell isolation and sequencing have expanded rapidly, allowing the transcriptomic profile of individual cells to be captured. As a result, there has been an explosion of cell type atlases created for many different marine invertebrate species from across the tree of life. Our focus in this review is to synthesize current literature on marine invertebrate scRNA-seq. Specifically, we provide perspectives on key insights from scRNA-seq studies including descriptive studies of cell type composition, how cells respond in dynamic processes such as development and regeneration, and the evolution of new cell types. Despite these tremendous advances, there also lie several challenges ahead. We discuss the important considerations that are essential when making comparisons between experiments or between datasets from different species. Finally, we address the future of single-cell analyses in marine invertebrates including combining scRNA-seq data with other 'omics methods to get a fuller understanding of cellular complexities. The full diversity of cell types across marine invertebrates remains unknown and understanding this diversity and evolution will provide rich areas for future study.

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