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  • Source rock heterogeneity and migrated hydrocarbons in the Triassic Shublik Formation and their implication for unconventional resource evaluation in Arctic Alaska MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY Yurchenko, I. A., Moldowan, J., Peters, K. E., Magoon, L. B., Graham, S. A. 2018; 92: 932–52
  • Chemometric recognition of genetically distinct oil families in the Los Angeles basin, California AAPG BULLETIN Peters, K. E., Wright, T. L., Ramos, L. S., Zumberge, J. E., Magoon, L. B. 2016; 100 (1): 115-135
  • Cracking, mixing, and geochemical correlation of crude oils, North Slope, Alaska AAPG BULLETIN Wang, Y., Peters, K. E., Moldowan, J. M., Bird, K. J., Magoon, L. B. 2014; 98 (6): 1235-1267
  • Chemometric differentiation of crude oil families in the San Joaquin Basin, California AAPG BULLETIN Peters, K. E., Coutrot, D., Nouvelle, X., Ramos, L. S., Rohrback, B. G., Magoon, L. B., Zumberge, J. E. 2013; 97 (1): 103-143