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  • A new partial loss of function allele of rad-54.L. microPublication biology Akerib, C. C., Yokoo, R., Nsamba, E. T., Strand, L. G., Yamaya, K., Villeneuve, A. M. 2022; 2022


    RAD-54.L is required for the repair of meiotic double-strand DNA breaks (DSBs), playing an essential role in promoting removal of recombinase RAD-51 and normal completion of meiotic recombination. Failure to complete meiotic DSB repair leads to 100% lethality of embryos produced by rad-54.L null mutant mothers. Here we report a new partial loss of function allele, rad-54.L(me139) , that may prove useful for investigating meiotic mechanisms by providing a sensitized genetic background that reduces but does not eliminate the essential functions of RAD-54.L.

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