Luke Min is a highly motivated Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, set to embark on his academic journey in September 2023. Before joining Stanford, Luke delved into the cutting-edge research field of solid oxide co-electrolysis cell systems, investigating their thermodynamics and thermal integration. Luke authored multiple research papers published in prestigious journals, showcasing his expertise and contributions to the field of energy conversion. His dedication and ingenuity were recognized with awards such as the Best Poster Award at the 6th Asian SOFC Symposium and Exhibition and the Best Academic Thesis Award from the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineering Thermal Engineering Division. Luke's passion lies in exploring the fundamental principles of thermodynamics at the microscale and applying his knowledge to develop efficient and affordable renewable energy systems. Luke aims to make a lasting impact on the global energy landscape by advancing clean and sustainable energy technologies.

Education & Certifications

  • MS, Yonsei University, Mechanical Engineering (2021)
  • BS, Yonsei University, Mechanical Engineering (2020)

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