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  • Inverse-designed non-reciprocal pulse router for chip-based LiDAR NATURE PHOTONICS Yang, K., Skarda, J., Cotrufo, M., Dutt, A., Ahn, G., Sawaby, M., Vercruysse, D., Arbabian, A., Fan, S., Alu, A., Vuckovic, J. 2020
  • Ball Grid Array Module With Integrated Shaped Lens for 5G Backhaul/Fronthaul Communications in F-Band IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION Bisognin, A., Nachahe, N., Luxey, C., Gianesello, F., Gloria, D., Costa, J. R., Fernandes, C. A., Alvarez, Y., Arboleya-Arboleya, A., Laviada, J., Las-Heras, F., Dolatsha, N., Grave, B., Sawaby, M., Arbabian, A. 2017; 65 (12): 6380–94