Marily Oppezzo completed her doctorate in Educational Psychology at Stanford in 2013. She also is a registered dietitian and has her master's of nutritional science. She completed her dietetic internship at the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital, and currently consults as a sports dietitian for Stanford's Runsafe program. Her research interests leverage her interdisciplinary training, with a focus on how to get people to change to improve their health and well-being. Specifically, these areas include: using social media to motivate physical activity changes in those with or at risk for heart disease; culturally tailoring nutrition and physical activity recommendations and education materials for an Alaskan native population; how walking can be used to improve people's cognitive and creative thinking; and applying learning theories to medical education topics.

Professional Education

  • Bachelor of Science, Santa Clara University (1999)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Stanford University, ED-PHD (2013)
  • Bachelor of Science, Santa Clara University, Psychology (1999)
  • Master of Science, San Jose State University, Nutritional Science (2003)

Stanford Advisors