Mark Bodnarczuk is in the Director’s Office of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University where he manages and provides institutional oversight for the Institutional Assessment Program, the Enterprise Risk Management Program, and the Organizational Effectiveness Program. These three programs are key elements of the laboratory’s overall Contractor Assurance System that provides reasonable assurance to DOE that Stanford has a well-defined set of structures, systems, and processes for operating the scientific and mission-support activities at SLAC, and for designing and leading organizational change, within the context of SLAC’s unique culture. The Contractor Assurance System enables SLAC to maximize its research output per dollar of research investment without sacrificing operational excellence, and minimize the risks involved in running the laboratory.

Mark provides internal consulting services to SLAC’s senior management team and directorates on both the scientific and mission-support sides of the organization, using the principles and practices from evidence-based research on organization development, leadership development, organizational culture analysis and transformation, and the enterprise risk management literature. Mark helps SLAC managers identify barriers to more effective, value-added implementation of the institutional assessment and enterprise risk management programs, as well as barriers to improving organizational performance, and other key elements of Stanford’s Contractor Assurance System, including SLAC’s program for ensuring the integrity of the scientific research conducted at the laboratory. In addition to his role as an internal organizational excellence consultant, Mark also serves as a leadership coach in the Stanford Manager Academy – a leadership development program designed to enhance the effectiveness of faculty and staff members at all levels and create a community of managers across the university.

Current Role at Stanford

Institutional Assessment, Risk Management, and Organizational Effectiveness Program Manager, at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

All Publications

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