Current Role at Stanford

Director, Events Medical Center Development

Service, Volunteer and Community Work

  • Founder Emerita, 100 Women Charitable Foundation

    Throughout history, passionate individuals have joined together to make life better in their communities. Today, 100 Women Charitable Foundation is a growing community of more than 400 women who are committed to improving the lives of the disadvantaged in the Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties by combining our financial resources and making large-scale grants a reality. Our philosophy is simple, but powerful.

    We are a small, yet highly effective foundation committed to inspiring, educating, and increasing the number of women involved in philanthropy in an effort to strengthen our community. We do this by providing funds and assistance to organizations involved in helping solve social issues that are important to women.

    During the past three years we have successfully engaged hundreds of women to take a more active role in local philanthropy by believing that a dedicated group of women can join together, without a significant time commitment, to make a serious difference in the lives of those in need.

    We are a recognized, tax-exempt organization that pools members’ donations to award major-size grants to local non-profits that support our community in the areas of Education, Family (women and children); or Health & Wellness.

    100 Women Charitable Foundation brings together new donors and new dollars each year offering additional, and non-traditional resources to our community.



Professional Affiliations and Activities

  • Founder Emerita, 100 Women Charitable Foundation (2006 - Present)