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  • Resonant anomaly detection with multiple reference datasets JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Chen, M. F., Nachman, B., Sala, F. 2023
  • An Adversarial Model of Network Disruption: Maximizing Disagreement and Polarization in Social Networks IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORK SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING F. Chen, M., Z. Racz, M. 2022; 9 (2): 728-739
  • TABi: Type-Aware Bi-Encoders for Open-Domain Entity Retrieval Leszczynski, M., Fu, D. Y., Chen, M. F., Re, C., Assoc Computa Linguist ASSOC COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS-ACL. 2022: 2147-2166
  • Perfectly Balanced: Improving Transfer and Robustness of Supervised Contrastive Learning Chen, M. F., Fu, D. Y., Narayan, A., Zhang, M., Song, Z., Fatahalian, K., Re, C., Chaudhuri, K., Jegelka, S., Song, L., Szepesvari, C., Niu, G., Sabato, S. JMLR-JOURNAL MACHINE LEARNING RESEARCH. 2022
  • MANDOLINE: Model Evaluation under Distribution Shift Chen, M., Goel, K., Sohoni, N., Poms, F., Fatahalian, K., Re, C., Meila, M., Zhang, T. JMLR-JOURNAL MACHINE LEARNING RESEARCH. 2021
  • Fast and Three-rious: Speeding Up Weak Supervision with Triplet Methods Fu, D. Y., Chen, M. F., Sala, F., Hooper, S. M., Fatahalian, K., Re, C., Daume, H., Singh, A. JMLR-JOURNAL MACHINE LEARNING RESEARCH. 2020