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  • Integrated Quantum Photonics with Silicon Carbide: Challenges and Prospects PRX QUANTUM Lukin, D. M., Guidry, M. A., Vuckovic, J. 2020; 1 (2)
  • Optical parametric oscillation in silicon carbide nanophotonics OPTICA Guidry, M. A., Yang, K., Lukin, D. M., Markosyan, A., Yang, J., Fejer, M. M., Vuckovic, J. 2020; 7 (9): 1139–42
  • Spectrally reconfigurable quantum emitters enabled by optimized fast modulation NPJ QUANTUM INFORMATION Lukin, D. M., White, A. D., Trivedi, R., Guidry, M. A., Morioka, N., Babin, C., Soykal, O. O., Ul-Hassan, J., Son, N., Ohshima, T., Vasireddy, P. K., Nasr, M. H., Sun, S., MacLean, J. W., Dory, C., Nanni, E. A., Wrachtrup, J., Kaiser, F., Vuckovic, J. 2020; 6 (1)
  • 4H-silicon-carbide-on-insulator for integrated quantum and nonlinear photonics NATURE PHOTONICS Lukin, D. M., Dory, C., Guidry, M. A., Yang, K., Mishra, S. D., Trivedi, R., Radulaski, M., Sun, S., Vercruysse, D., Ahn, G., Vuckovic, J. 2020; 14: 330-334
  • 4H-SiC-on-Insulator Platform for Quantum Photonics Lukin, D., Dory, C., Radulaski, M., Sun, S., Mishra, S., Guidry, M., Vercruysse, D., Vuckovic, J., IEEE IEEE. 2019