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  • Observation of a gravitational Aharonov-Bohm effect. Science (New York, N.Y.) Overstreet, C., Asenbaum, P., Curti, J., Kim, M., Kasevich, M. A. 1800; 375 (6577): 226-229


    [Figure: see text].

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  • 40 W, 780 nm laser system with compensated dual beam splitters for atom interferometry OPTICS LETTERS Kim, M., Notermans, R., Overstreet, C., Curti, J., Asenbaum, P., Kasevich, M. A. 2020; 45 (23): 6555–58


    We demonstrate a narrow-linewidth 780 nm laser system with up to 40W power and a frequency modulation bandwidth of 230 MHz. Efficient overlap on nonlinear optical elements combines two pairs of phase-locked frequency components into a single beam. Serrodyne modulation with a high-quality sawtooth waveform is used to perform frequency shifts with >96.5% efficiency over tens of megahertz. This system enables next-generation atom interferometry by delivering simultaneous, Stark-shift-compensated dual beam splitters while minimizing spontaneous emission.

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  • Atom-Interferometric Test of the Equivalence Principle at the 10^{-12} Level. Physical review letters Asenbaum, P. n., Overstreet, C. n., Kim, M. n., Curti, J. n., Kasevich, M. A. 2020; 125 (19): 191101


    We use a dual-species atom interferometer with 2 s of free-fall time to measure the relative acceleration between ^{85}Rb and ^{87}Rb wave packets in the Earth's gravitational field. Systematic errors arising from kinematic differences between the isotopes are suppressed by calibrating the angles and frequencies of the interferometry beams. We find an Eötvös parameter of η=[1.6±1.8(stat)±3.4(syst)]×10^{-12}, consistent with zero violation of the equivalence principle. With a resolution of up to 1.4×10^{-11}  g per shot, we demonstrate a sensitivity to η of 5.4×10^{-11}/sqrt[Hz].

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