Nick Bambos is a Professor at Stanford University, having a joint appointment in the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Management Science & Engineering. He heads the Network Architecture and Performance Engineering research group at Stanford, conducting research in wireless network architectures, the Internet infrastructure, packet switching, network management and information service engineering, engaged in various projects of his Network Architecture Laboratory (NetLab). His current technology research interests include high-performance networking, autonomic computing, and service engineering. His methodological interests are in network control, online task scheduling, queueing systems and stochastic processing networks.

He has graduated over 20 Ph.D. students, who are now at leadership positions in academia (Stanford, CalTech, Michigan, GaTech, NYU, UBC, etc.) and the information technology industry (Cisco, Broadcom, IBM Labs, Qualcomm, Nokia, MITRE, Sun Labs, ST Micro, Intel, Samsung, TI, etc.) or have become successful entrepreneurs. From 1999 to 2005 he served as the director of the Stanford Networking Research Center, a major partnership/consortium between Stanford and information technology industries, involving tens of corporate members, faculty and doctoral students. He is now heading a new research initiative at Stanford on Networked Information Service Engineering.

He is on the Editorial Boards of several research journals and serves on various international technical committees and review panels for networking research and information technologies. He has been serving on the boards of various start-up companies in the Silicon Valley, consults on high technology development and management matters, and has served as lead expert witness in high-profile patent litigation cases in networking and computing.

Academic Appointments

Administrative Appointments

  • Department Chair, Management Science and Engineering (2016 - 2020)

Honors & Awards

  • Faculty Award, IBM (2002)
  • Griffin Award, Stanford University (1997)
  • National Young Investigator Award, National Science Foundation (1992)
  • Research Initiation Award, National Science Foundation (1990)

Boards, Advisory Committees, Professional Organizations

  • Faculty Development Chair, Cisco Systems (1999 - 2003)
  • David Morgenthaler Faculty Scholar, Stanford University (1996 - 1999)

Professional Education

  • MA, UC Berkeley, Mathematics (1989)
  • MS, UC Berkeley, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (1987)
  • PhD, UC Berkeley, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (1989)

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