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My name is Oscar Bernal, and I am a Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering PhD graduate, with a Masters of Biomanufacturing and 10 years of hands-on experience in the development, optimization and scale-up of downstream biomanufacturing processes. I am pursuing a graduate certificate from Stanford's Technology and Engineering Management Graduate Program as a means to position myself as an industry leader, disruptor and innovator.

My passion is to help global, regional, and emerging biotech companies develop and implement cost-effective and safe processes that take advantage of the latest purification technologies for the next generation of Immunotherapies (mAbs), Gene Therapies (AAV, Lentivirus), and Vaccines. My work with a wide variety of customers has translated into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings (increased throughput and yield, reduced facility footprint) and reduced time to market for several blockbuster molecules. I am convinced access to healthcare is a fundamental right and should be the main drive for innovation in this industry.