Current Role at Stanford

As a Program Coordinator within the esteemed Dean of Research Division, Patrisha Ann Cherry is entrusted with the pivotal responsibility of coordinating and facilitating programs vital to Dosimetry Services and Research Safety. This role involves a multifaceted approach, requiring a keen eye for detail, strategic planning, and proactive problem-solving.

Key Responsibilities and Contributions:

Dosimetry Services Oversight:

Acting as a linchpin between the division and Dosimetry Services, Patrisha skillfully manages and oversees operational intricacies. This includes aligning programs with organizational priorities, ensuring compliance with established protocols, and optimizing Dosimetry Services to meet healthcare institutions' diverse needs.
Research Safety Coordination:

Demonstrating an acute understanding of research safety imperatives, Patrisha plays a central role in coordinating safety measures within the research domain. This entails liaising with stakeholders, instituting safety protocols, and fostering a culture of safety consciousness that permeates throughout the research community.
Administrative Excellence:

In the capacity of a Program Coordinator, Patrisha acts on behalf of the supervisor and department manager to establish priorities and address administrative challenges. With a focus on streamlined operations, she adeptly plans and schedules calendars, resolving conflicts efficiently and ensuring compliance with organizational policies.
Document Management and Editing:

Patrisha exhibits exceptional prowess in composing, drafting, and editing a wide array of documents. Whether it's presentations, grants, course handouts, or reports, she ensures accuracy and clarity, maintaining a high standard in all organizational communications.
Financial Transactions and Budget Oversight:

With a strong financial acumen, Patrisha effectively manages and processes a variety of complex financial transactions within the Dosimetry Services and Research Safety domains. She monitors and reconciles budget statements, providing valuable insights to uphold fiscal integrity.
Educational Background:

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Social Actions
Palo Alto University, Palo Alto (August 2017 - September 2019)

Professional Development:

Master of Public Health (MPH) - In Progress
University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley (Expected Completion: Spring 2024)
Additional Attributes:

Committed to the diversity, inclusion, equitable and respectful provision of care and working with communities of color.