Paul is currently a Visiting Student Researcher at Stanford University in the Electrical Engineering Department Lab, focusing on Deep Learning and AI Optimization since September 2023.

His academic and research interests lie primarily in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Analysis Visualization, and he is keen on diving deeper into Large Language Models (LLMs) in the future.

His work at Stanford involves collaborating with Prof. Mert Pilanci lab members to explore innovative solutions in AI, particularly in NLP and AI Optimization. By engaging in research at Stanford, Paul aspires to contribute to the advancement of AI technologies, in understanding and optimizing AI systems for practical applications.

Prior to joining Stanford, His journey in engineering began in France, where he embarked on a preparatory class in 2019, before securing his "Diplôme d'Ingénieur" from ISEP in Paris, in 2024.

Professional Education

  • VSR, Stanford University, Deep Learning (2024)
  • MSc, ISEP, CS - Data Intelligence (2024)

Lab Affiliations