Peter is the co-Founder of Research to the People @ Stanford (

Research to the People @ Stanford is a program for oncology patients who have exhausted their clinical options and need to move beyond standard of care. We generate advanced multi-omics data, run cutting edge analysis to interrogate new therapeutic possibilities.

We also lead discovery and AI innovation initiatives for complex multi-systemic disease.

Research to the People @ Stanford started with Fereshteh Jahanbani, PharmD, PhD at Stanford Medicine in July 2021. Michael Snyder, PhD (Dept. Chair, Genetics) was the sponsoring faculty member to make our program possible at Stanford Medicine.

Education & Certifications

  • BA, University of Minnesota, Chinese Language and Literature (2011)

Personal Interests

Cycling. I ride my bike quite a bit.

Professional Interests

Genetics, Personalized Medicine, Caner, Rare Disease, Undiagnosed patients, Longevity, Sequencing, Multi-omics.

Community Building: especially within Biology, Medicine and Engineering.