I’m a joint JD-PhD (Computer Science) student at Stanford University where I’m lucky enough to be advised by Dan Jurafsky. I’m also an OpenPhilanthropy AI Fellow and a Graduate Student Fellow at the Regulation, Evaluation, and Governance Lab. At Stanford Law School, I help run the Domestic Violence Pro Bono Project. I’m also a Technical Advisor at the Institute for Security+Technology.

Previously, I was lucky enough to be advised by David Meger and Joelle Pineau for my M.Sc. at McGill University and the Montréal Institute for Learning Algorithms. I also spent time as a Software Engineer and Applied Scientist at Amazon AWS/Alexa.

My research focuses on creating robust decision-making systems. My goals are three-fold: (1) use AI to make governments more efficient and fair; (2) ensure that AI isn’t deployed in ways that can harm people; (3) create new ML methods for applications that are beneficial to society.

This involves an eclectic mix of research and fields including: applied and theoretical work in machine learning; investigating reproducible, ethical, sustainable, and thorough research practices and methodologies to ensure that such systems perform as expected when deployed; policy and legal work on the use of AI in government.

Lab Affiliations

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