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  • Measurement of femtosecond dynamics of ultrafast electron beams through terahertz compression and time-stamping APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Othman, M. K., Gabriel, A. E., Snively, E. C., Kozina, M. E., Shen, X., Ji, F., Lewis, S., Weathersby, S., Vasireddy, P., Luo, D., Wang, X., Hoffmann, M. C., Nanni, E. A. 2023; 122 (14)

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  • Efficient Modeling and Calibration of Multi-Electrode Stimuli for Epiretinal Implants Vasireddy, P. K., Gogliettino, A. R., Brown, J. B., Vilkhu, R. S., Madugula, S. S., Phillips, A. J., Mitra, S., Hottowy, P., Sher, A., Litke, A., Shah, N. P., Chichilnisky, E. J., IEEE IEEE. 2023
  • Spectrally reconfigurable quantum emitters enabled by optimized fast modulation NPJ QUANTUM INFORMATION Lukin, D. M., White, A. D., Trivedi, R., Guidry, M. A., Morioka, N., Babin, C., Soykal, O. O., Ul-Hassan, J., Son, N., Ohshima, T., Vasireddy, P. K., Nasr, M. H., Sun, S., MacLean, J. W., Dory, C., Nanni, E. A., Wrachtrup, J., Kaiser, F., Vuckovic, J. 2020; 6 (1)
  • Light phase detection with on-chip petahertz electronic networks NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Yang, Y., Turchetti, M., Vasireddy, P., Putnam, W. P., Karnbach, O., Nardi, A., Kaertner, F. X., Berggren, K. K., Keathley, P. D. 2020; 11 (1): 3407


    Ultrafast, high-intensity light-matter interactions lead to optical-field-driven photocurrents with an attosecond-level temporal response. These photocurrents can be used to detect the carrier-envelope-phase (CEP) of short optical pulses, and enable optical-frequency, petahertz (PHz) electronics for high-speed information processing. Despite recent reports on optical-field-driven photocurrents in various nanoscale solid-state materials, little has been done in examining the large-scale electronic integration of these devices to improve their functionality and compactness. In this work, we demonstrate enhanced, on-chip CEP detection via optical-field-driven photocurrents in a monolithic array of electrically-connected plasmonic bow-tie nanoantennas that are contained within an area of hundreds of square microns. The technique is scalable and could potentially be used for shot-to-shot CEP tagging applications requiring orders-of-magnitude less pulse energy compared to alternative ionization-based techniques. Our results open avenues for compact time-domain, on-chip CEP detection, and inform the development of integrated circuits for PHz electronics as well as integrated platforms for attosecond and strong-field science.

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  • Static and Dynamic Stark Tuning of the Silicon Vacancy in Silicon Carbide White, A. D., Lukin, D. M., Guidry, M. A., Trivedi, R., Morioka, N., Babin, C., Kaiser, F., Ul-Hassan, J., Son, N., Ohshima, T., Vasireddy, P., Nasr, M., Nanni, E., Wrachtrup, J., Vuckovic, J., IEEE IEEE. 2020
  • Vanishing carrier-envelope-phase-sensitive response in optical-field photoemission from plasmonic nanoantennas NATURE PHYSICS Keathley, P. D., Putnam, W. P., Vasireddy, P., Hobbs, R. G., Yang, Y., Berggren, K. K., Kartner, F. X. 2019; 15 (11): 1128-+

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